Computer, begin log

Computer, begin log

Captain’s log Stardate 94130.74,

I have finished setting up the site’s blog just in time to go to sleep. I plan to shortly create my first real blog post soon. I hope people will enjoy it and learn from it.

I haven’t had much time for shore leave as I’ve been very busy. Perhaps writing my thoughts and ideas down may help ease my tensions.

On this site I plan to talk about a variety of different interests of mine including:

Fitness – Bodybuilding, weight training, dieting, routines, my experiences in lifting, guides for beginners and intermediates, science back researches I find, and more

Tech – Tech news I find interesting enough to write a post for, my experiences as a Linux Sysadmin, new things I learn I wish to share, and some various guides to doing things, and more

Games – I enjoy video games. I’ll talk about games I’m playing, what I think about them, and go into rumors, theories on upcoming stuff, and corporate talk

Star Trek – I post Trek stuff often, but I incorporate it into my posts, not isolated, usually

Opinions – Just a catch all category. Stuff I feel like talking about that don’t fit the other cats.

Captain’s Log – I’ll be using the Captain’s Log as a personal blog post entry category.


End log.